Neither perfume or eau de cologne, Thirdman creations are making an impact in the world of perfumery. Boldly, they have inaugurated a new name: the Eaux Contemporaines.

Unclassifiable, engaging and fresh, Thirdman invites you to a truly new olfactory experience. We interviewed the one who is at the origin of this fine adventure, Jean - Christophe Legreves, brand creator.

How did the idea of creating Thirdman come about?
The creation of Thirdman stems from a need for a different kind of scent. I believe we have entered a new era in Luxury where need for beautiful fragrances to 'Live in' surpasses wearing a perfume as a statement or an accessory; I believe in Freedom in any aspects of design and creation, and escaping all stereotypes including olfactive to focus on what is of quality, innovative and ultimately connected with the wearer.

What would you say to men who do not use a cologne?
It is not a cologne or perfume but finally an essence for those who seek the pleasure of the senses without feeling trapped within a smell. After 25 years in the world of fragrance without using one, Eau Monumentale and its family have become an indispensable element of my daily life. Very often those who were tired of the same perfume or have never used one, found a new olfactory and sensory pleasure, very addictive and feel good in Eaux Contemporaines.

A word about lasting ...
Like a 'second skin', lasting freshness and a fragrance that envelops you without being heady. The Eaux remain on the skin for several hours as opposed to tonic sprays or Eau de Cologne, but are not cloying. They have more of an aura than a wake. They leave a sweet memory on a garment worn the next day.

The ideal time to apply Eaux contemporaines?
“Whenever wherever however”. At any time, it’s a perfect springboard for the day. Eaux Contemporaines re-create the use of scent so that it once again becomes a pleasure, as physical as it is olfactive, reintroducing a free and generous gesture for sensory impact. These Eaux, once frosted, give tenfold the pleasure.