Talented Designer Maud Heline surprises and seduces lovers of beautiful fabrics, pure and structured lines. In each collection she reinvents a major basic of feminine dressing with subtle finesse: white poplin blouse. After learning the ropes at Isabel Marant and Balmain, she created her own brand encouraged by the enthusiasm of her relatives.

How would you define the Maud Heline look?
To go straight to the point, the Maud Héline style is minimalist, a balance between the feminine and tomboy, and easy to wear. I try to find the essential details of the basic blouse without any superfluous details ; a refined model.

Where do find your inspiration?
Inspiration comes first from where I go in life, because I cannot create without listening to my emotions. Then, to illustrate these emotions, I find my inspiration in vintage pieces, in books, exhibitions, pinterest, travel, online research and I take a lot of photos of details of clothes I see strangers and friends wear in the street.

Nowadays so far from Paris, what do you miss most?
In Paris, what I miss and that comes spontaneously are the narrow cobblestone streets, sidewalk cafes, markets the weekend, the beauty of the city and good electronic music.

What is your favourite neighbourhood in Paris? Why?
I love the Marais for the number of shops, restaurants, bars and museums condensed in one place.
It is a district rich in culture and is constantly on the move. When I go back, there are always new signs. It's a neighbourhood where young brands open their first store which proves that this area is really open to novelty.

What would be your perfect day in Paris?
Morning coffee with family in St-Germain-des-Prés, the Marais for lunch with a friend to chat about all and nothing, do some window shopping then dine at Racines with a good group of friends.

Of course I would also visit an exhibition at the Grand Palais or the Quai Branly followed by a vernissage of a young photographic talent in the late afternoon. All finished off with a few dances at Silencio.

Any advice for travellers to enjoy Paris?
A friend created the visitesparticulieres.com website and I find that proposed customised visits in Paris are an incredible way to enjoy Paris differently. They offer private tours of galleries and museums, gastronomic events, art workshops and even treasure hunts. Children also have their workshops so the whole family can have their own experience.

Which is your favourite French designer?
She is no longer with us, but I greatly admired Madame Grès.

What will be the iconic pieces of your Autumn / Winter collection?
The Bazal, Aroze and Baziris blouses are for me the 3 timeless pieces.

The Bigram blouse with tricolour detail is also a strong part of the season.



L'Exception Flagship Store, 24 rue Berger 75001 Paris

Phone number
+33 1 44619026

Opening hours
Monday to Saturday from 10am to 8pm

Metro / Rer Châtelet