For over 250 years, the Maison Caulières has drawn inspiration with the seasons. Captivated by the earth, the Caullières Family gathers in its products all the best that nature has to offer. Each treatment takes us into the atmosphere of a season for a complete beauty experience dedicated to the well-being of body and mind.

Its formulas are based on a natural compound complex of nourishing oils and soothing honey from the Caulières hives and prepared in the traditional way.
The natural ingredients are combined with carefully worked fragrances and textures. The journey of the senses begins with 4 ranges for 4 seasons. Return to the sources (Retour aux sources), Ode to the senses (Ode des sens), The dawn of the senses (L'Aube des sens), The time of a dream (Le Temps d’un songe) each celebrating a season in its own way.

Return to the sources immerses us in the warmth of autumn with woody undertones, Ode to the senses, reminds us of the cosy comfort so appreciated on cool winter evenings. The time of a dream blows a warm wind coming straight from the sun-drenched fields, pollen and flowers, Dawn of the Senses releases refreshing spring energy. You choose your season.


« Walks are now a luxury that we don’t take time to indulge anymore in today’s world.

A moment of comfort and pure well-being.
I drew my inspiration from the sensations provided by nature as the seasons go by and I transcribed those exquisite moments into sensation-rituals to create each of the Maison Caulières care products.»

Xavier Desforges de Caulières  


Address                   Maisons Caulières 39 rue Durantin, Paris 75018

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Opening hours        Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm

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