Pushed to the limit in the summer, our hair needs more care. Hot weather, bathing or swimming may weaken it. Leonor Greyl offers a complete range to care for your hair all through the summer. Discover our selection for a pleasant application, targeted action and an incredible result.

Moisturising is the key word for hair, especially if it is dyed, bleached, or relaxed.

Choose your Leonor Greyl shampoo depending on your hair type - dry, bleached, curly, etc. - and your desires - added volume, smoothing effect. After washing, apply the Secret beauty oil onto your hair. It makes untangling easy and protects your hair from the sun, adding shine right from the first application. Ideally let your hair dry free from styling in the open air.

If you want to blow dry, then protect the hair with the Silk serum, rich in vegetable oils. It will soften your hair and make styling easier without weighing it down.


Protect your hair against the effects of chlorine or salt water. L'Huile de Leonor Greyl nourishes, detangles, softens and repairs dry or colored hair throughout the year. In the summer, it protects hair from the damaging effects of sun, sea water and chlorine.

Sea water, chlorine and sun dry out the hair, making it dull and brittle. While swimming, L'Huile de Leonor Greyl protects the hair from contact with water and provides natural sun protection to keep you hair soft to the touch.

Enjoy your free time to pamper your hair and relax ...

The Masque Quintessence is an exceptional mask based on Cupuaçu Oil and Manketti oil. It offers a amazing action: an incredible hydrating power and retains water that is absorbed very slowly and provides a time-release effect that moisturizes the hair fibers. It counteracts the trauma that sophisticated processes such as bleaching, highlighting, straightening, perming... can cause to the hair, as well as natural damage induced by passing time.
An incredibly compensating formula, Masque Quintessence is the 'last resort' for very damaged, weakened or dehydrated hair. Its nourishing nectar revitalizes regenerates and repairs the most damaged hair. This mask instantly offers hair new shine, softness and manageability.

Reinvent your hair care for hair that is coated and bright

Take the time to perform the various steps. The holidays are also there to take care of you.

S.O.S., Very damaged hair set is a wonderful gift or treat. This exclusive luxury set contains Leonor Greyl's hair care essentials for the most damaged hair:

- The pre-shampoo treatment L'Huile de Leonor Greyl 95ml
- The shampoo Shampooing Reviviscence 200ml
- The hair mask Masque Quintessence 200ml
- The styling milk Lait Luminescence 150ml



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