Highly nutritious and low in calories, oysters can be eaten very simply. With their famous salty taste, oysters invite the sea to our table.
To enjoy its full potential not to mention nutritious benefits this summer, Mathias, chef at the Bistro Huguette, brings us some very tasteful advice.

Let's start with a crucial point, how to choose oysters?
There are some simple signs to observe when choosing oysters. First, make sure they are firmly closed then take the oyster in your hand and check that it is "heavy". The weight shows that the shell still contains sea water which indicates its freshness.
Once an oyster is shucked it should contain sea water and should be alive. To ensure that they are still alive, take a small knife, poke the mollusk to see if it moves if it does swallow up all the goodness!

Is there an occasion to eat Oysters? What is the tradition?
Although they are ideal for special occasions and nice settings, today, eating oysters is more has become more common and you no longer need to wait for a celebration. Oysters can be appreciated at any time, makes a great appetizer and can also be served as a main dish.

How about those who do not dare to taste oysters?
They say that Oysters are an acquired taste as they are eaten raw but once your taste buds are accustomed to the savor one is never enough. It is important to keep in mind that each and every oyster is different and their flavor profiles vary based on where they come from and the conditions in which they were grown. Oysters tend to have a higher salinity and more mineral notes than their Western counterparts. On the flip side, oysters from North-America will range in salinity and brininess from high to low and will tend to have more notes of seaweed, fresh cut grass, cucumber, watermelon and overall, more sweetness. Besides being a nourishing meal its 11 grams pf proteins make it healthy benefit too!

Some words for the preparation, how can you keep them fresh?
If they are not to be used immediately live oysters should be stored in a cool place or in the refrigerator at a low temperature.

Some tips for a lovely presentation?
Critics may undeniably argue that the best way to serve oysters are on ice with lemon. To preserve its flavor it is also recommended to place a few seaweed leaves between each oyster.

What are the best way to eat oysters?
Purists will prefer in its natural state. Oysters can be eaten with a twist of lemon or with its traditional mignonette sauce. On the bay of Arcachon, oysters are often eaten with poultry, small sausages. Which is rather original!

A creative recipe idea...
Inspired from the medieval times jellied oysters are a delicious recipe made with Champagne.

This summer, at Huguette's Bistro what can we expect ?
Guests can enjoy a variety of oysters served with a side of poultry on our beautiful garden terrace. Chez Huguette, We change our menu regularly to ensure that we always benefit from the freshest, most delicious ingredients! So what are you waiting for?


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