Paris’ heart beats just as strongly as ever: its charming pedestrian streets and café terraces, its sublime monuments, its famous artists, its taste for elegance. How can one not be seduced by Paris? With our portraits, discover Paris through the eyes of an artist, a fashion creator, a gastronomic chef, a politician... For this first edition, Lorenzo Pennati, an Italian photographer, tells us about Paris through a his “Private Skyline” photographic series.

1/ How would you define yourself?

I am Italian and a photographer. Photography is second nature for me. I began working as a photographer when I was 23, after my studies. My profession is my life. I put my heart into it, my passion, my entire soul.
I can’t imagine it any other way. In my mind, I’m perpetually in reflection; I’m always thinking about tomorrow.
I like the idea that everyone can continuously push back their limits.

2/ You created the “Private Skyline” series staging a Parisian apartment for Marie Claire magazine. In your opinion, what is the ideal Parisian apartment?

Intimate – a warm, elegant apartment. Not necessarily big. The floors are highly polished parquet. A few accessories are placed here and there. A pair of polished high heeled shoes on the floor, a notebook on the table corner, a silk square placed delicately on an elegant mahogany chest of drawers. The fragrance of good coffee and toast in the air. The horizon over the roofs of Paris. The location, near a park or an artists’ workshop.

3/ You live in Italy and work in Europe. What does Paris bring to mind?

When I think of Paris, I think of the beginning of the modern era, with the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen. Obviously, Paris also evokes refinement and elegance for me. It is indisputable. I love Paris for its heart, its values, its effervescence.

4/ When you travel, what attracts your attention first?

Oddly, it’s not the view. Initially, I’m not sensitive to what I see. Scents are what call out to me first. Every space has a more or less pronounced dominant odour. I have a good nose and fragrances affect me deeply.

5/ What are your current projects?

I’m currently preparing to shoot a high-end furniture catalogue.
I’m also working on the upcoming edition of Marie Clarie Maison and shooting a luxury resort, Villa Làrio, in Italy. Some good projects are underway for the end of the year.