Extolling authenticity and creativity, niche perfumes have won over perfume enthusiasts and people seeking original, non-clichéd scents.
Original in composition, True in the story of their creation, Demanding in the quality of their ingredients, these exceptional collections are subjugating. They are invading the shelves of trendy Parisian concept stores and perfume bars affirming their contemporary approach. Discover 3 recommended niche designer labels.
The perfume’s story: Curated by Carlos Huber, an architect specializing in Historic Preservation, Arquiste is a fragrance collection that transports the wearer to evocative moments in history. Meticulously researched using authentic sources and crafted with only the rarest of ingredients, each fragrance restores the olfactive experience of a particular time and place, allowing both women and men to unlock personal revelations and experience history in a most intimate way. 
Collection: Flor y canto, l'etrog, Aleksandr, Infanta en flor, Boutonnière n°7...
For: Men who appreciate deep scents: ambergris and leather

The perfume’s story: Thirdman, a name with no apparent promise, shouting “No logo.” The creator leaves the field free so everyone can write their own story without restriction. The wearer becomes the icon of an individual adventure. Applied as a spray or splash, Thirdman revolutionizes the cologne world to create a contemporary cologne. A call to freshness, it may also be worn chilled.
Collection: Eau Moderne, Eau profonde, Eau nomade, Eau monumentale
For: Men who like fresh, tonic scents
The perfume’s story:  Each Olfactive Studio creation is born from the unexpected collaboration between a photographer and a perfumer. The perfumer is inspired by a photo and transcribes what he feels with a combination of airy ingredients. An unexpected encounter for the senses. 
Collection:  Autoportrait, Flashback, Still life, Chambre noire...
For: Men Looking for Atypical Scents