Damaged by colouring and bleaching, repeated brushing, hair sometimes has a hard life. Tired and rough, it becomes fragile and difficult to style. 
The Opalis capillary treatment line was born from the passion of a young French creator for beauty and luxury.
Her desire: create a line fulfilling the expectations of contemporary women while bringing together well-being and satisfaction. With its silicon-free capillary treatment based on rich, natural products, Opalis guarantees a simple, effective, intensive cure.
Powerful natural ingredients are brought together to restore your hair: lavender, thyme, rosemary, macadamia oil, and juniper oil, of which the curative virtues are remarkable. Results are visible from the first use. Your hair returns to a silky, shiny, and fortified texture.


Cream shampoo Wash off dandruff flakes With cade oil : 31 €
"La crème" care customized cream conditioner triple-plant-oil complex : 51 €
"L'huile", serum, mask, holiday protection : 55 €
"La lotion", scalp care : 57 €