So you don’t let yourself go during busy weeks and can perform at impromptu dinners, Marinho Paris provides a lasting solution for impeccable nails in record time. 
The first French high-end semi-permanent manicure concept, Marinho Paris has provided everything for an error-free application in complete autonomy.
In practice, Marinho’s gel is applied like traditional nail varnish. Start with the base, and finalize with the gel. For each finger, between each layer, quickly pass under the LED light (Mini-M). 30 seconds suffices. The gels are set for optimal longevity.
Ingeniously, the LED light may also be connected to a laptop’s USB port.
In under 10 minutes, the results are ultra-feminine, your nails are brilliant and remain professional-looking for more than 2 weeks.
All you need to do is choose between the various gels with their off-the-wall, light-hearted names.