Sometimes underestimated, the truffle is a delicacy that deserves further attention. La Maison de la Truffe, Paris gourmet restaurant - specialising in the truffle, we share valuable secrets to better understand the truffle and all its subtleties...

What are the different species of truffles?
(Tuber Melanosporum)
Season from december to march
Grown in the south of France, but also in Spain, Australia and Italy, it is one of the most popular Truffle.
More or less round in shape, this truffle may reach, or even exceed, the size of an apple, although its weight does not usually surpass the 60g mark.Its skin bears pyramid-shaped scales and the colour of the flesh changes from grey to a black with fine white veins when mature. A good truffle should be firm to the touch.

White Alba Truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico)
Season from october to december
Also known as the "Piedmont Truffle", its skin is smooth and yellow. Its flesh can vary from white to reddish brown, with fine white veins. It gives off a scent of garlic or shallot.
This truffle prefers moist, humid areas and chiefly grows in northern and central Italy, and to a lesser extent in Croatia.

Summer Truffle(Tuber Aestivum)
Season from may to august
Also referred to as "Saint John’s Truffle", its outer appearance is similar to that of the melanosporum, although it may grow to be larger and firmer. Its white-veined flesh ranges in colour from yellow to grey. It is harvested from the same truffle fields as the melanosporum. It is also cultivated in Spain and Italy.

How do I choose a truffle?
A truffle should be firm to the touch and have a strong aroma. Each truffle is unique and develops flavours as eclectic as caramel, chocolate or liquorice for the black truffle.

Who would be pleased by it?
We believe the Truffle is a dish that is likely to appeal to those who appreciate the flavours of mushrooms, but also and above all the Epicureans, curious to discover new flavours. To those who appreciate the subtle flavours.

How should it be served?
Fresh truffle can be simply grated onto a plate of pasta, a risotto, an omelette, vegetables or even
on meat or fish, to add a flourish. Your desire for wondrous food is the only limit.

What wine or champagne should be served with it?
To be absolutely fault-free, we recommend champagne, served chilled.
Favour the elegance of a Burgundy red with black truffle. This lightweight and discreet wine will sublimate and worthily accompany the truffle without stealing the limelight.

Do you have any recipe ideas using Truffle?
The simpler the preparation, the more it will highlight the qualities of the truffle. Rice, pasta, eggs, are classic but guarantee a perfect combination. Smoked Salmon, Scallops, or even French beans or Jerusalem artichokes are delicate and innovative associations. For new and more complex associations devised by great chefs, please see our book "La Truffe".


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