Widely Recognized as one of the best hairdressers in Paris, David Mallett lives his profession with passion and freedom. With one who, according to him, has always been quietly obsessed with hair, there is no utopian or formatted dialogue. Everything is set up for your aspirations to beauty to be satisfied, your hair stronger and styles are easy to live with and reproduce.

His product range, to take with you wherever you go, is an extension of this personal philosophy. David Mallett has designed it so that everyone can have beautiful hair in a few simple gestures. As Spring announces its arrival, we interviewed David Mallett to ask him for some practical and style tips as well as an overview of upcoming hairstyle trends.

How to get strong, healthy and shiny hair during spring and summer?
To have & keep strong hair, first of all, I would advise men to take some borage oil or primrose oil in order to hydrate from the inside. You also need to moisturize hair after every wash. A few drops from our DM027 Hair Serum after every wash will help to keep strong & brilliant hair. There is no general rule about how many times a week a man needs to wash his hair but the only thing I can say is that too many washes and too many styling products will give you dull hair: less is more! About the lifestyle, once again, I don’t think there are some rigid rules to follow. My mantra is that you have to feel happy and to follow your our own desires and your own path. I do not believe in specific regimen for everyone. Just proceed in the way you think right!

Is there a trend that stands out for this summer?
The trend for SS2016: short beards, dishevelled, sexy & rough hair! Forget the military cuts, be ROUGH!

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