Enjoy precious moments, relax in your own private lounge where time stands still, fall asleep as if you were in your own bed. Air France invites you on a unique, made-to-measure journey on board its new collection: the La Première suites. With soft colours, top-of-the-range materials, exquisite flavours and service excellence, Air France will surprise its guests by defining bold concepts in a refined cabin. such a “French touch”!

A special space for restoring sleep. Curtains closed, partition raised, filtered light: each guest can shut themselves off to the degree they wish and create the atmosphere that they desire. A tasty menu To extend this special experience la Première offers gastronomy worthy of the most prestigious restaurants.    

A private room in the clouds              
Once on board, the La Première guest will immediately feel at home. the vast seat promotes rest and relaxation. the seat’s clean lines, with integrated lumbar support, embrace any morphology so that each guest can find an optimum position of comfort.                                          
Easily accessible at any time, the various storage compartments blend into the seat environment in a harmonious way. there are compartments and drawers for the passenger’s belongings, ideal for organizing the seat area in a personal way. each suite also has its own private wardrobe.  The suite can also be enjoyed with a fellow passenger. Opposite the seat, an ottoman enables the passenger to invite a guest for dinner, or simply for a conversation. the suite in turn then becomes a drawing room, a restaurant, or a work area.               

One night comfortably accommodated             
In an instant, the seat turns into a fully-flat bed over two metres long. the armrests are fully retractable and offer a vast space 77 cm wide.                                    
A delicious menu
As in the best French restaurants, Air France receives its guests and offers exceptional service. With caviar*, Champagne and foie gras, the finest ingredients can be found on the La Première menu. Famous French Michelin-starred chefs take it in turns to design unique gourmet creations. the desserts are signed by Lenôtre. the wine list is carefully chosen.    

A wealth of high technology                                      
Each guest has a personal 24-inch (61 cm) Hd touch screen, one of the largest ever seen on board, offering a totally new intuitive navigation experience on an exclusive graphic interface, inspired by the iPad and available in twelve languages. To fully enjoy the entire range of programmes on board, each suite is equipped with Bose® noise-reducing headphones, pro- viding unrivalled sound quality.