Fifteen years ago Sarah Daniel Hamizi, the creator of the Barbière de Paris salons, decided to follow her passion fully and revolutionise the world of Barbershops. Her femininity and her desire for perfection make her salons the ultimate relaxing places where you cannot see the hours go by. In expert hands and with experienced diagnostics, every man can rediscover the pleasure of wearing his facial hair according to his style. For the happiness of men who have opted to adopt facial hair or for those who still hesitate, here you will find thoughtful advice from La Barbière.
Comfortably installed in the Rue Bertin lounge located in the 5th arrondissement, here we are, ready to receive advice ...

Are there criteria for wearing beards?
We cannot necessarily speak of criteria, it is more a question of desires. Today's men have understood that they can wear a beard without having a complex. The beard has been democratised. The beard has come into its own in redesigning a man's face, embellishing it, its also a great way of disguising something; acne, a scar or to slim down a rounded face.

How does someone choose the best beard shape?
We chose it in connection with their morphology and lifestyle. Someone who has a long face should avoid the hipster beard, but concentrate more exterior body while avoiding length. With a round face, on the other hand, we favour an elongated beard and a clear jaw line.

How can you compensate for sparse areas in a beard?
This is the biggest challenge for men. Bushy beards at the neck, but patchy areas on the cheeks or between the middle of the moustache and beard. These areas can be corrected with a make-up pencil which will be chosen according to the colour of the hair and skin. We can also cheat depending on the position of the gap. We can leave the hair above slightly longer and then style it to cover the sparse area.

How often should you go to the barber?
A man should go to the Barber every 2 to 3 weeks depending on the desired effect. For more regular support, some men prefer to come every 10 days.

What would you say to someone who wants to go to a barber but is still hesitating?
Come join us in our Barbière de Paris salons. Your free diagnosis awaits. In our salons, men enjoy a real moment of well-being: shaving, hair styling, skin care: it is their place. Each barber is there for them, he provides them with a personalised diagnosis based on their morphology, their type of hair. He also offers them advice on their latest hankerings. Quite simply bliss... The only thing I would ask these gentlemen is to leave us something to work with.



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