Facing a sprawling cosmetics offer, Julien and Amandine Azencott, brother and sister, are driven by the same desire "to offer every skin a specific treatment." A noble desire, certainly, but how do you go about it? That's when Codage was born in 2010.

Bold and visionary, the two creators surround themselves with the very best talent in French and International cosmetics. With Codage they reinvented the traditional pharmacy experience, giving each person an opportunity to discuss, with an expert, his or her lifestyle, needs, and wishes, and to receive a bespoke formula in exchange.

Now present in 18 countries, Codage continues to expand and intensify its business in its home country, France, with the opening of its first boutique in Paris.

Located in the quiet Rue du Trésor, the first Flagship Codage Paris offers an intimate and friendly setting for a unique beauty experience. The elegant 75-square-meter space places tremendous emphasis on noble materials, breaking from the brand’s black-and-white codes and bringing sensory appeal to its visual universe. The parquet floors add a warm touch typical of Parisian apartments.

For anyone who wants a radiant complexion and healthy skin but leads a hectic life, Maison Codage Paris offers quick and immediately effective skincare treatments. During your a break, between two musuem visits, or before going out in the evening, take advantage of a 30-minute beauty break. Each treatment is personalized according to your specific needs at the time and carried out using the expert range of Codage Paris prêt-à-porter products.

- Prêt-à-porter (bespoke) skincare treatment: 30 min/75 € (set aside 45 min)
- Also available: peeling treatments, subscription options, and limited-time services offered in partnership with talent from the world of beauty
- For an even more intimate and intense experience, Maison Codage can be booked for a private session in the morning, by appointment from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., for longer skincare treatments.

 The must-have: take home your customised My Codage formula created in the laboratory located inside the store


Address                 Codage Paris 8 Rue du Trésor 75004 Paris

Opening hours      Tuesday to Sunday from 12pm to 8pm and by appointment 10am to 12pm
                                Open late Thursdays (until 9pm)

Phone number       +33 1 40 27 80 09

Access                    Metro Saint-Paul ou Hôtel de Ville