This summer, Cinna, publisher and manufacturer of French furniture, surprises us once again with a powerful outdoor collection, seductive and inviting relaxation. You will steadfastly await the sunny days, with just one aim in mind, to get out your new sun beds to snuggle up, lemonade in one hand and electronic book in the other.

Discover some of the most beautiful items in the outdoor collection.

The grillages by François Azambourg
The principle for creating the basic shape of Grillage is very simple: a sheet of perforated metal is stretched to create a mesh, then folded, origami-style... Grillage tells the story of its manufacturing process (stretching, folding, creasing), it reveals everything about itself, from how it was designed to how it was produced.

Elizabeth Teck by Nathan Yong
An iconic model from the 2013 collection, Elizabeth captivated audiences from the start with its organic, modern approach to the wing chair. As always, Nathan Yong is able to combine sensory heightening materials with fluid lines. The choice of specific covering materials for the cushions makes it possible to use these pieces outdoors.

Serpentine by Eleonore Nalet
Quilted rolls are intertwined into the delicate metal structure to create a very comfortable armchair which will be at home both indoors and out.

Ottoman by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance
It was while working on a concept for a hotel in Marrakech that the designer had the idea for this model, inspired by the traditional Moroccan footstool. The project never got off the ground but Cinna was captivated by the oriental charm of this piece, filled with 'zenitude', comfort and wellbeing.


Address                 Cinna, 75 boulevard de Courcelles 75008 Paris

Phone number      +33 1 46 22 46 15

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