Catwalk star in the Spring/Summer collection 2016 parades, lips should not be neglected in your makeup this season. Beatrix Lied, creator of the Beauty is life brand and founder of the Make-Up Artist school in Germany, offers you some advice to make up your lips in accordance with their shape. Above all, moisturising is a must before starting lip make-up: well moisturised lips retain colour longer and enable a more elegant visual appeal.

Your lips are narrow:
Give your lips more volume

Lighter colours in warmer tones like apricot and salmon pink make narrow lips look fuller. The same effect have glossy lipsticks, but if you prefer matts, you can put just a little bit of gloss in the center of your lips – this gives them a fuller looking too. If you can wear flashy colours such as red coral, pink pop, their brightness will be good allies. You can draw the outline of your lips with a pencil matching your lipstick applied slightly outside the natural outline of the lips and then fill in with lipstick. The dark and deep colours will tend to reduce the volume of your lips.

Your lips are asymmetrical:
 A few tips

You can trace an outline on the outside of your mouth using the colour of your lips, to balance the shape of your mouth before applying make-up. For a natural look, please use a brush to lightly blur the lip liner. You can use glossy or matt nude colour depending on the desired effect.

Your lips are luscious:
The perfect mix

You can dare to use dark colours, cool tones and matt finishes for that tailor made look. Glossy and light colours look overdone or artificial. To calm the appearance of "overly" fleshy lips, you can use a correcting pencil, the colour of your skin to draw an outline on the outside.

Your lips are puckered:
These lips deserve special attention

You can use a colour lip liner to match your lipstick to draw your contours and make the most of your lips. You can add concealer or powder around your lips to accentuate their shape. Gloss in dark shades will be perfect on you.