In the mythical Harcourt Studio, on the second floor, the Perspectives exhibition is attracting photography addicts and admirers.  

After climbing the prestigious stairs of 16 rue de Lota, visitors will discover over 50 previously unexposed portraits of French and International figures.

Following the indicated route, the Harcourt style offers a reassuring setting for the visitor: black and white shots, faces sculptured in light, still and peaceful figures. But this is done to evoke surprise. This apparent regularity is now and then interrupted by an experimental work where the Harcourt Studio amuses in its own unique way.

For example, you will find the famous Maille mustard jar, as sophisticated as a portrait, the photo of the artist Yue Minjun bursting with laughter, or the colour and offset photo of Doc Gynéco in the posture of an famous assassinated revolutionary. Glamorous, amusing, intriguing, this beautiful exhibition combines legend and mystery in an original way.



Address                   Harcourt Studio, 16 rue de lota 75016 Paris

Phone number        +33 

Opening hours         Wednesday, Friday, Saturday from 10.00am to 06.00pm

Price                          7 €

Access                      Metro Rue de la Pompe