A talented designer and a woman of character, Diane Von Furstenberg is one of the most prominent personalities of our generation. Her wrap dress has revolutionised women's wardrobes. Today, her natural air and ultra-glamorous vision of women continues to influence the fashion world. To our delight, she talks to us about her projects, fashion and of course Paris.

What do you prefer in Paris?
I love so many things about Paris, the streets, the bookstores, the Seine, the cafes, and of course my childhood friends.  

If Paris was a color, it will be... Why?
The color of Paris is light grey with a touch of blue…the color of the Paris rooves…zinc.

What is your best memory in Paris?
When I was eight years old, my mother put me on a train by myself from Brussels to Paris, where I was to meet my Aunt Mathilde. I felt so grown up. Even now, I feel such a thrill whenever I travel alone and it started with that train ride. It started with Paris.

In summer, what do you love eating in Paris?
I love the fresh vegetables from the organic market in Saint Germain…for restaurants, I love grabbing an omelette and a salad at Café Flore…a quiet lunch at La Societe Place St Germain…also I love Caviar Caspia and Marianne, a little tapas place in Le Marais that is very happening.

What are your favorites terraces?
It is still Café Flore

In which quarter, do you love spending time?
I have an apartment in Saint Germain so I end up spending most of my time there… everyday I cross La Passerelle des Beaux Arts, cross La Cour Carree du Louvre, je passe dans le jardin des tuileries and get on the Right Bank. Mostly I love walking in Paris…

We know some men choose Paris to make their declaration of marriage, for you what you will be the best place to declare his love?
Place Furstenberg !!!  

What do you always bring back from Paris?
Inspiration…nothing is more inspiring than Paris !