Subtle in taste, pleasant in appearance, Caviar has become an institution suffering at times from its elitist reputation. La Maison Kaspia, the top Caviar boutique, shares some basic rules with us for enjoying caviar in all its richness, yet in all simplicity.

What is your advice for understanding labels?
Our labels show the names of the various caviars and the name of the sturgeon from where the eggs originate. You should choose a Baeri if you like strong, iodine flavours, fish and salty foods. You should go for an Osciètre caviar if you prefer a more subtle flavor.
At what temperature should it be stored? And at what temperature should it be served?
Between -2 and +2°C. It must be kept at this temperature during serving and tasting. From the moment you take it out of the fridge, it should be placed on crushed ice and savoured without delay.

How should caviar be presented and savoured at your table?
Caviar can be presented simply, in its tin, placed on a bed of crushed ice and eaten with a small mother of pearl spoon, (careful - not metal or stainless steel, which can alter its taste). It can also be served as an hors d´oeuvre or starter on warm blinis with a little sour cream, or poached eggs. As a main course, it is very nice on a potato baked in the oven or even as a topping for pasta, etc.

Which dish do you suggest trying in your boutique?
Without hesitation, our famous Baked Potato garnished with Caviar, a great classic and the signature dish of the House.



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