Located in an artisan district in Paris, Christophe Robin’s hair salon is the perfect place to relax and be pampered in an authentic atmosphere.

Consultant for L'Oréal, colourist for celebrities and for all women, and creator of professional hair products, Christophe Rodin expresses his talent with passion and simplicity. His adventure began over 20 years ago. Today, he continues to reveal the beauty of every woman who comes into his salon.

How did your passion for hairdressing really start?
I grew up in a village in the Champagne region, where there were about 160 inhabitants. The nearest salon was at least 60 kilometres away. My mother and her friends would meet up on Sunday mornings to colour and cut their hair. I was still a kid and totally fascinated by the way their hair could totally transform their appearance. I think it was this experience that gave me the desire to become a hairdresser.

When I was 14, I became an apprentice at a salon located in a small town in the Champagne region. Straight away, the owner advised me to specialise in colouring. She knew that there were many very good hairdressers, but very few good colourists. It was an opportunity for a young man like me, and she encouraged me to seize it. It’s worked out rather well!

What were the major turning points in your career?
I lived in Paris when I was 17 years’ old and things moved quickly for me. Initially, I joined Jean-Louis David’s team as a colourist trainer for the group. A few months later, I was asked to colour the hair of Stéphanie Seymour for a L’Oréal advertisement. This marked the beginning of a beautiful collaboration with top models and actresses. Stephanie Seymour recommended me to Claudia Schiffer and Elle Macpherson. That’s when it really got started. Many actresses became interested in my work – I was the colourist for Catherine Deneuve and Vanessa Paradis, for example. And it was really Catherine Deneuve who opened up the world of cinema for me.

When a man or woman comes into your salon wanting a completely new look, how do you go about making that happen?
When I first look at someone, I immediately have an excellent idea of the colour that would suit them. I get this when I’m walking down the street – I look at somebody and think their hair would be so much better with this or that colour. It’s an occupational hazard! At the consultation, I take time to look at the client’s complexion and their eye colour. We work to brighten the eyes and reveal their best complexion. It’s important that the client feels comfortable with their hair and that it’s straightforward to maintain. The colour should be easy to live with and in tune with the client’s expectations at that moment.



6 Rue Bachaumont, 75002 Paris

Phone number
+33 1 40 20 02 83

Opening hours
From Monday to Saturday from 10.00 to 7.00pm

Metro Sentier ou Etienne Marcel