Australian brand Aesop cosmetics does nothing quite like the others. Seeking to stand out from the rest, Aesop pushes innovation right up to the design of its shops.

Each Aesop shop is a bijou architectural gem individually designed to reflect the environment in which it operates. A unique design for each shop and the promise of a new experience for visitors.

The omnipresent connections, the leitmotif of the brand are always displayed: sleek, minimalist and natural design. They are demonstrated and interpreted according to the desires of the architect.

In Rue Saint Honoré, located in an apartment dating from the 18th century, the Aesop store uses just one material: wood

The wood was cut in a factory in Melbourne’s inner-city suburb Richmond, then each of the approximately 3500 pieces was hand-cut, hand-sanded, sealed and numbered according to meticulously drafted plans before being strategically packed in shipping crates.

The store interior at rue Saint-Honoré has been designed by Rodney Eggleston of Melbourne’s March Studio with Dennis Paphitis and is a realisation of a material Eggleston felt best articulated Paris.

"We began by looking at the possibilities of plaster, but soon became intrigued by the parquetry floors one sees throughout Paris," he says."‘We wanted to explore inhabiting the space with one material, used in one encompassing way. We envisaged using cut wood in such a fashion that it covered the floor, walls and ceiling, lending a cohesive texture and warmth to the room."



Aesop, 256 Rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris

Phone number
+33 1 40 20 96 14

Opening hours
Monday to Saturday from 11am to 7.30pm

Metro Palais Royal, Musée du Louvres