Gifted make-up artist, Dariia Day, began her professional path when she was only sixteen. Her parents encouraged her burgeoning passion by putting a make-up studio in their bedroom in Poland. Today, She is a sought-after make up artist, working around the world with great brands and magazines. She accepted to share with us her passion and some of her best beauty tips for travelers and for a perfect 2017 beauty routine.


What is your background ?
I come from Poland, my interest in makeup and fashion started very early, at the age 16 I went for the first makeup course, then also I created a makeup studio in my room and I start having first clients. I started my blog at that time and made first beauty photo shootings. One of the pictures I took with my sister who is photographer became a cover of fashion magazine from London, they also interviewed me at that time, this gave me a lot of motivation to get into the fashion industry.
At age 17 I found a school in LA, called MKC Beauty Academy, just after graduating high school I went to Hollywood. I studied makeup there and worked on first fashion and movie projects.
After this experience I decided to move to Paris, where all my dream fashion houses, photographer's and agencies were. First year in Paris was difficult as I didn’t speak french, I didn’t have any contacts, but I was always positive and I believed that I will can make it. After the first year working hard, doing test shoots and making many appointments, I start being  contacted by big clients like Dior and Max Mara. I had my first publication for Vogue Paris, Vogue UK, Vogue Germany. I got my first agency and then my real fashion story began.

What are your recent collaborations?
Recently I work a lot for Louis Vuitton, also my latest shoots was for Vogue Mexico, Numero Paris, Harper’s Bazaar and Maire Clarie Italie.

What are the make-up products always have in your bag?
Must haves in my bag are: pressed powder from Und Gretel, Secret Camouflage from Laura Mercier, Shade and Illuminate from Tom Ford and Mascara Marc Jacobs.

How can a woman improve her method of makeup?
I recommend to do your makeup in daylight in the big mirror. Looking at your self from close while applying and then form far to see the results, it is a perfect way to make sure that the makeup you apply really suits you. Remember that people look at you from a distance, thats why its a good idea to check your self in a big mirror together with your body color, hair and outfit.

How to help the skin to rest at night?
Before going to bed It is very important to clean well the skin, to remove the eye makeup I love using Bioderma micellar water, then tonify the skin, my favourite is rose water, then I like to use Midnight Recovery Concentrate from Kiehl's or oils, I love to massage the face with coconut oil when the skin feels very dehydrated. But there is something more than creams and serums that we can give to our skin every night.

I created unique luxurious silk Pillowcases dedicated to beauty. 100 % pure natural the best quality mulberry 25 momme silk, with no toxins. It is a perfect beauty tool which helps to wakeup more beautiful and relaxed every morning. Often we don't think about that but Sooth Surface allows the skin and hair to glide across reducing the sleeping creases which helps to prevent the side wrinkles  and the ‘bed head’, split ends and even the hair loose. I have amazing feedbacks, they make a great difference on skin, hair and health.

What are the best travel beauty habits for every woman on the go?
I love to keep in my travel back handy, hand moistrizer, lip balm, face sheet masks, rose water mist, also very important a big bottle of water, keep yourself hydrated from the inside. For a nap on your travel, we can also use my travel size silk pillowcases. It's very soft and relaxing touch on the plane, train, car also after in the hotel. After the travel, I recommend to take a relaxing shower, moisture the body with and oil and apply face sheet mask to moisture the face after dehydrating fly.

In Paris, what are your favorite beauty addresses?
For make up shooping I love concept stores like Colette or Oh my Cream, for a hair color I like Atelier Blanche.
For the massage I like to go Ban Thaï Spa and my recent favourite for beauty treatmets is Free Persephone, the first Fragrance Day Spa in Paris.


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