Whether you want to start a detox regime, or sip a healthy fruit or vegetable juice with friends, “Juice Lab” is the perfect ally. The juice bar welcomes you in good spirits. Mandarine Rouff, the founder, has thrown herself into the juice adventure with good humour and passion. Discover a brand that is good for you….

Which juices are available in your Paris boutiques?
A large amount of our recipes have been created with the SPE, a well known certification company, working directly with starred chefs and nutritionists.

We have over 20 different kinds in the shops, from green juices to other more fruity or indulgent ones. All our juices are bio and are prepared in our labs, in Paris and Grasse, in a traditional way.

When should you start a detox treatment?                   
There is no good or bad time to start a detox regime. It depends on each person´s desires and requirements.

What are the benefits to the organism?
Your skin improves and you start to look healthy, your hair regains its vitality, your nails break less easily, your stomach becomes flatter, you have fresher breath and lots more energy…


Address                   Juice Lab, 2, Rue de Béarn 75003 Paris

Opening hours        Tuesday to Friday from 11.00am to 7.00pm, weekend from 12.00pm to 6.00pm

Access                     Metro Béguet-Sabin